Wednesday, September 23, 2009 Gangsters of the Internet

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I logged in to my account -- they offered free forwarding addresses for a few years, which degraded to crappy web mail. I think they've been bought and sold a few times. I gave a lot of people that address, because it was free forwarding. Like Don't use my address, either, but that ship sailed years ago. Anyway, I have free forwarding from more reliable providers now, so I use my account to

1) see if anyone I knew in the 90s was trying to get back in touch. It happens.
2) look up email I received or sent from the web mail service.

All gone. The mail was all gone. This was their response to my complaint:
Dear Member,

Your account was deactivated because you had not logged in for 120 days.

To avoid this type of unfortunate incident, we suggest you consider
purchasing one of our premium email services, which can be found in our
Premium Services section. They may be purchased for a reasonable price per
year, and your account will be safe from deactivation as long as the
subscription is current.

If you do not subscribe to one of our premium email services, you must log in
at least once every 120 days in order to keep your account active.

Please let us know if we can assist further.

Your Support Team


Oscar P Support

"This type of unfortunate incident?" That's like "my brother's clumsy, he breaks things." So, was a corporation based in New Jersey a few years ago, I recall that they invited me to apply for some sort of position in 1998 or so. But, their business model seemed stupid. So, they were bought by some Hong Kong corporation, and passed through some hands. But, now they seem to be back under Jay Penske. And probably back in New Jersey, from their Sopranos-style emails.

So, apparently owns Movieline and OnCars. I'd recommend staying away from those properties as well.

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