Friday, August 14, 2009

When I type 'www' my browser autocompletes ''

Is that wrong?

We have tropical depression two, by the way, and another tropical wave
looking like it could be Ana, just as the Great Book of Tuesday's
Christian Science Monitor predicted.

Oh, storm frequency's doubled in the Atlantic coast:
Although the New York Times changes the stress in the story.
Comically, really:
"Although current numbers are relatively high, they say, both
analytical methods suggest that a period of high storm frequency,
possibly even higher than today's, began in the year 900 and lasted
until 1200 or so."

OK, now I'm not trying to panic you, but that's just stupid. We're at
the beginning of a trend, and ten years in we've hit the previous high
point for a three-hundred year span of recorded history. Cornelia
Dean's bringing a very weird bias to the grey lady.


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