Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We're the reason Iran is not democratic

So, people settled Iran a while ago, and a lot's happened since. I'm going to zero in on the last 56 years. As I've mentioned, Iran actually struggled out from underneath a history of autocracy and colonialism to install a democratic government in 1951, and was deposed by us in 1953. I know that sounds like Belgians shooting Lumumba or any number of wacky conspiracy theories that you hear, and that the truth must be more complex. Well, do your own research. You can start in the New York Times.

But, when Iran comes up, and especially when we talk about their making democratic reforms, we really have to keep returning to this point. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei didn't arbitrarily designate us as 'The Great Satan.' We really did overthrow the democratic government and install a dictator in service to British oil interests. They're in a theocracy now because they didn't like that.

When I searched the New York Times for the above link, I found Nick Kristoff's column yesterday, where comments 4 and 5 refer to the coup, as does an Op-Ed today by a Columbia history professor. So, it's in the public discourse, which is a little comforting.

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mark said...

I'm happy you joined the party. Yes, we have an enormous amount of culpability where Iran in particular and the Middle East (and the world for that matter) in general. Obama, I think, it charting a wise course by waiting for the dust to settle. I believe it was Clinton who rushed in to praise student demonstrators in the late 90s and actually ended up giving moral urgency to Iran's hardliners, who found it easy to target the decadent local fish playing in the Great satan's barrel. And it was definitely Ike and Carter who made Iran so much worse and pissed off so many Iranians.

But this is about Iran making it's own choices now...... we're not part of the equation. Nor should we be.... except for we, the people, should lend our moral support to the cause of freedom.

gotta run..... literally.....