Saturday, August 02, 2008

I wrote a theme song

There's no link.

You might wonder how often I write songs. I write them whenever I do the dishes, which works out to about four times a year. Anyway, I was thinking of holding a 'Malechem in Manhattan' get together, so each of you could come to know there was more than one of you, but I wondered how you'd know each other. My thought was, each person would sing the first verse when he or she walked in, we'd all respond with the chorus, four people would take a line each of the second verse, then we'd all sing the chorus again. I'd sing the third verse and the chorus, and we'd all sing the last bit together.

But, I can't really see that happening, unless I can get out of the real world and into a movie musical. Without further ado, here's the song

I get out of bed every day in the morning
A fog in my head and a taste in my mouth
I'm looking around to find someone to tell me
Why it always seems like it's all headed South

Wo ho! Malechem's on fire
Wo ho! Malechem's the one
Wo ho! We all read Malechem
We read him for profit
We read him for fun

I'd be all for nuke were there no Homer Simpson
I get all upset that sea levels attack
It'd simplify things if we paid tax to Goldman
Democracy's gone, how can we get it back


I sit all alone 'cuz no one will sit near me
They say I speak doom when I'm speaking the truth
I don't see that much, but I think I see clearly
I've been such a downer since I was a youth


Wo ho! We all read Malechem
Wo ho! Malechem for fun!
Wo ho! Rionn Fears Malechem
There's only one blog you need under your thumb.


Brad said...

Record that sucker and post the mp3!

mark said...

Now you see, that's the kind of thing you need on Youtube.niyrcnux