Monday, February 05, 2007

The best superbowl commercial

As much as I love the paper, what I read in the Wall Street Journal often upsets me. Today, I was pretty happy. There was a front page reminder on how our miracle economy is due entirely to Chinese (and to some extent Koreans) giving us money and another noting that investors who looked brilliant three years ago are sitting on empty houses and quoting a 34-year-old who dumped a pair of investment homes last year saying 'it eats you alive.'

But, one thin I couldn't get past. Their superbowl commercial coverage gave panel reactions on almost every ad in the game, without even mentioning the best one. An unwieldy map refuses to be refolded, and continues to expand miraculously, growing into a monster and wreaking destruction. Ultraman, now powered by a Garmin GPS navigator, arrives to destroy him. It's pretty cool.

It makes you wonder if they throw up conceptual blind spots just for practice sometimes.

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