Sunday, November 05, 2006

GOP outstrips my ability to mock it (part 2)

One of the reasons that it's so hard to get behind any Republican politician -- and I say this as a fair-weather fan of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg -- is that the national party so clearly thinks that anyone who would vote for one is a moron. There are a lot of memes in models like "Well, they have to lie to the public, so we can't interfere with what they're doing", and "Facts and analysis are only one side of an argument" floating around.

But, this National Republican Congressional Committee ad playing in Wisconsin's 3rd Congressional District is just delightful. It accuses the Democratic Incumbent of being "funded by an organization[that would be the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] that used an image of flag-draped coffins in a commercial. Now, if you don't like images of flag-draped coffins in campaign commercials, that might speak to you. But, it's kind of undercut by the fact that they illustrate it with the same image of flag-draped coffins. To both watch TV and vote Republican, I guess you have to be able to say:

"I am a moron, and I accept this message."

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